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Sample LIMS screen shot

I made a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for a water testing laboratory where:

- Samples are logged.
- Tests are assigned to samples.
- Sample results are inputted.
- Sample results are reported.
- Billing is reported.

Sample LIMS workflow

Lab information management is vitally important, involving everything from sample management, event tracking, process monitoring, chain of custody, report generation and audit logging.

Macro automation makes the data entry process easier and less likely to result in user error.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1digynuAkJypSEI-mt1kw9VtWwEmtjFCg/view?usp=share_link (1 MB)


Sample LIMS screen shot

Sample LIMS screen shot

Sample LIMS screen shot

How it works

The goal of the database is to keep track of sample and testing information.  It’s relatively basic in terms of these two aspects, and also handles clients based on charge account ID.  The client table (tblClient) files customer information (name, address, contact, etc.), as well as public water system ID.  The data table (tlbData) keeps track of sample ID, test ID, and test results, acting as a repository for sample ID information from the main sample log table (tblSampleLog), which handles sample aspects such as date, time, receive information, and special requirements.  The sample test table (tblSampleTest) acts as a slush table for sample test ID based on the sample test group name table (tblSampleTestGroupName) and the main sample log.  

The test table (tblTest) is where the actual sample testing occurs.  The client form (frmClient) makes it easier to update and keep track of customers, as the sample log form (frmSampleLog) does for sample information, including subforms for quick test ID result based on sample test ID, including individual test ID and sample test name.  The test data form (frmTestData) relates sample test ID and allows for easy input of testing data.  The main query is the sample report query (qrySampleReport) which provides a breakdown of sample information and sample testing based on sample ID.

The billing query (qryBilling) is used to determine individual client tests, while the action query updates the clients who have paid (qryUpdatePaid).  The sample test query (qrySampleTest) allows an overview of test ID and sample test ID providing the name of the test done.  The sample report (rtpSampleReport) overviews the current data on sample ID testing, while the billing label report (rtpBillingLabels) allows the user to print labels which would be adhered to outgoing statements.  

Other notes

- The pivot table is intended for weekly sample testing results.
- The lookup field can be found on the sample log table for charge account based on water system ID.
- The entry validation field restricts sample test ID to between 1-4.
- The macros are found on the forms used for record keeping navigation.